2015-Present: Modeling Instruction (MI):

Modeling Instruction is a robust, guided-inquiry STEM pedagogy rooted in physics education research. (Hestenes, 1987; Hestenes et al. 2011).

It reorganizes traditional STEM curricula around a handful of carefully-chosen conceptual or mathematical models from which students can construct understandings of core scientific principles and applications.

Energized by the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA), a large, self-organized network of some 15,000 middle and high school science teachers, MI has become one of the most successful pedagogies used in US STEM classrooms today.

Approximately 1200 new “modelers” are trained each summer through AMTA’s system of three-week workshops.

GHOU now encourages use of MI within all projects. Many workshops GHOU leads today are based on Modeling Instruction. GHOU is now using the MI approach for most of its workshops.