Who we are

Global Hands-On Universe (GHOU) is an educational program that enables students to investigate the Universe while applying tools and concepts from science, math, and technology. Using the Internet, GHOU participants request observations from an automated telescope, download images from an image archive, and analyze them with the help of image processing software.

GHOU has made a lot of free learning resources available, such as the SalsaJ software, that allows high school students to work with and analyze astronomical data. GHOU has developed a unique educational program where high school students can ask for their own observations from professional observatories. They can download these observations onto their school computers to study and analyze them. The curriculum created by GHOU covers various science and math topics and encourages students to carry out their own astronomical research. GHOU also develops activities for middle school students and resources for places like science museums.

GHOU’s main objective is to promote a deeper understanding, based on evidence, of our place in the Cosmos. Our mission is to train teachers on the use of modern tools and resources for science education and engage students in international scientific projects. We also aim to promote interactive science projects among GHOU countries and engage educators and students in a truly global cooperation.

No borders or frontiers.

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What we do

Support Teachers

GHOU, along with its partners, helps teachers around the world use modern astronomy data for learning both astronomy and math and science.  GHOU can organize and hold workshops for interested educational systems, and hold either face-to-face or remote workshops.

Improve Student and Teacher Understanding of Astronomy and Math

At its core, GHOU will increase students’ and teachers’ knowledge of astronomy, science, and math, and enable better classroom or after-school experiences and environments for deep, inquiry-based learning.

Build Global Communities of Students, Scientists, and Educators

Once teachers and students become familiar with GHOU tools, they can join global communities of like-minded students on similar projects.  Although we are still developing many aspects of this system, the recent advances in IT communication tools, our GHOU resources, and the capabilities of sharing work are now steadily enabling a much more powerful collaborative environment.

Develop and Propagate After-School Programs

If a teacher has a few students who want to learn GHOU in an after-school environment, we can welcome them in one of our many projects.