The organizations on this page are made up of people we work with through the year. You may find the organization names or the names of their various members in our materials, workshops, conferences and on this website.

The Galileo Teacher Training Program is a legacy of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, created with the aim of training teachers in the effective use, and transfer into classroom science curricula, of astronomy tools and existing resources, freely available on the internet. But GTTP went further, creating a worldwide network of certified teachers, Galileo Teachers and Galileo Ambassadors, that remained after 2009. In this network, that encourages collaboration and provides support in the implementation of projects, the participants can find new tools and suggestions for deeper learning and innovation in education.
The GTTP is coordinated worldwide by NUCLIO, and over the last decades has reached over 70,000 teachers. GHOU endeavors to collaborate and support GTTP in all ways possible.

ASP is a partner with GHOU through its leadership and participation with the Galileo Teacher Training Program. ASP is a world leader in hands-on astronomy activity development and implementation, and has partnered effectively with GHOU in an after school program where girls developed computer games around the science of the cosmos (The Universe Quest). GHOU has learned so much from the good ASP staff, and looks forward to more cosmic adventures with them.

NUCLIO (Núcleo Interativo de Astronomia e Inovação em Educação) is a non-profit association and an NGO for development that aims to transform education at a global level by bringing inclusion, innovation, development, and sustainability to students’ learning experiences, promoting a holistic approach to learning. The work done by the team prioritizes educators’ empowerment to embrace innovation and digital transition, hoping to inspire and support educators in creating an inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible learning environment for all students. NUCLIO often uses astronomy as a beacon to raise awareness about the well-being of our planet and our dimension in the Universe, promoting a deeper understanding of the meaning of being humans as guardians of the sustainability of our future. NUCLIO coordinates the Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP), the worldwide teacher training network, and is an official training center recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

The International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC) is an educational outreach program provided at no cost to participating high schools and colleges. Using astronomical images taken through the ISAC collaborators, students make original discoveries of Main Belt asteroids and important observations that contribute to the NASA Near-Earth Object (NEO) Program. IASC has reached over 100 nations, and many thousands of teams have discovered more than 7000 asteroids. IASC continues to grow and prosper, and GHOU wants to share images, ideas, dissemination methods and audiences with IASC.

LCO is the world’s most advanced network of remote, que-scheduled telescopes, and has done an amazing job making itself available to students and teachers from around the world.  In most GHOU teacher workshops, GHOU teachers use LCO telescopes, and share their results on  

We all share the same sky and Astronomers Without Borders brings the world together to share our passion for astronomy and the wonders of the Universe.  Observing projects brings people together to share their activities with each other.  Support projects allow those in developed countries to share with others, making it possible for everyone to enjoy the wonders of the night sky.

DarkSky (formerly known as the International Dark-Sky Association) works to protect the night skies for present and future generations. Connie Walker, astronomer dedicated to dark skies education, director of GLOBE at Night and member of the board of directors of DarkSky, has often attended GHOU workshops and taught GHOU participants the key importance of preserving our dark skies, for the well-being of society.

iSTEAM Academy is an international education project dedicated to providing STEAM education to students and teachers through the online projects and activities. The project is run by long-time GHOU collaborator and friend, Ms. Bonnie Thurber along with the iSTEAM Team: Amritanshu Vajpayee, SN Sugumar Iyer, Gayle Greenwald, Chitra Singh and Rayan Khan. The iSTEAM Academy contains projects and activities for ages 4 years to postgrad student teams from all around the world. Projects and Activities are linked to the UN SDG and are part of the Citizen Science Network.

i= International/Internet/Imagination;
S= Science/Social Awareness; T= Technology/TeamSpirit; E= Engineering/Enthusiasm; A= Astronomy/Arts; M = Mathematics/Music.

The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) is a corporate autonomous statutory body/agency under the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda, responsible for the development of educational curricula for primary, secondary and some tertiary institutions. Its functions include, inter alia, initiating processes for curricula research, review and/or reform, updating, testing and coordinating the implementation of educational curricula at all levels of learning as well as promulgation of guidance for the implementation of improved educational curricula and pedagogy.The NCDC and its staff have been the leaders of our teacher workshops in Uganda. They have recruited teachers and availed their facilities and hearts to our workshops. We look forward to working with NCDC and Uganda teachers for many years into the future.

The Travelling Telescope was founded by long-time GHOU collaborator and friend, Ms. Susan Murabona. Along with Mr. Daniel Chu Owen, they reach 1000’s of children and families in rural Kenya. The Traveling Telescope utilizes a portable planetarium and a larger fixed planetarium in Nairobi. The planetarium dome was constructed using bamboo harvested from their own garden. GHOU is now exploring a partnership between the NCDC of Uganda and Travelling Telescopes. Our goal is that a Uganda version of Travelling Telescopes will be initiated, and our Zoom mediated Teacher Education System invented in Uganda can be used for teachers in Kenya!