General Assembly

These people are all GHOU General Assembly members appointed and elected in positions.

All General Assembly members are expected to be active during the year and pay annual dues as listed in the Join Us page of this website.

Permanent  Council

  • President: Dr.  Carl Pennypacker
  • Vice President: Dr. Patrick Miller
  • Secretary: Carlos Antunes Santos
  • Historian: Roger Ferlet

Executive Council  

  • Executive President: Dr. Rosa Doran
  • Vice President: Toshihiro Handa
  • Treasurer: Mario Ramos
  • Ilavenil Thirumavalavan
  • Thilina Heenatigala
  • Fraiser Lewis

General Assembly Elected 

  • President: Dr. Kathan Kothari
  • Vice President: Gustavo Rojas
  • Secretary: Dr. Emmanuel Rolland