In collaboration with Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO), the Global Hands-On Observatory (GHOU) is inviting 50 countries the opportunity to use LCO networks’ 0.4-meter telescopes.

This is a unique opportunity to observe, image and acquire data, and at the same time learn technical skills. All the selected teams will be guided and supported by students of MIT Academy, in Vallejo, California, USA. Furthermore professional astronomers are available to support depending on the observation target.

Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO) is a network of astronomical observatories. For some astronomical objects, the longitudinal spacing of telescopes allows continuous observations over 24 hours or longer. The operating network currently consists of two 2 meter telescopes, nine 1 meter telescopes, and seven 40 cm telescopes, placed at six astronomical observatories. The network operates as a single, integrated, observing facility, using a software scheduler that continuously optimizes the planned observing schedule of each individual telescope.

What can you observe?
We welcome observing ideas (visibility pending) and encourage you to observe objects related to your nation. E.g.: The team USA may observe and image California nebula, the team Australia will take daa on Nova Aquilae which was discovered by an Australian astronomer. The teams from Switzerland and France may image exoplanets as the astronomers from these countries discovered the first exoplanet. Be creative with your project idea.

Who can apply?
GHOU welcome applications from group of at least 5 student-team from any country. Students can be between middle school to university level. One team per country will be selected. If your country already has a team (confirmed list below), please write to us to enquire about joining the team.

How to apply?
Get a group of students together and apply using the below form. If your country is already on the list and would like to join, please write to us.
Currently accepted list of countries:

Sri Lanka

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